College/Postsecondary Task Force Meeting

For three days during first week of November, we hosted a college/postsecondary task force meeting at the SkillsUSA National Leadership Center in Leesburg. This was an extremely important meeting as we brought together key stakeholders from our college/postsecondary markets to help us develop strategies to engage more postsecondary participation in SkillsUSA. This market holds huge potential for us, and the work of the task force will be integrated into our strategic plan. Members of the task force came from across the nation and included state and national student officers, alumni who completed postsecondary programs, two postsecondary state association directors, postsecondary teachers, administrators and current student members. The meetings were led by staff members, Kelly Horton and Gayle Silvey. We provided a report on their work at the Wednesday board meeting.