Executive Directors Report: January 15, 2014

FY 15-16 Strategic Planning
Every year in January, SkillsUSA staff spends a week in strategic planning for the next fiscal year. Staff worked diligently last week developing the goals, objectives and tactics for the FY 15-16 strategic plan. During this process, we always take a look back as we move forward. Fiscal Year 2013 ended August 31 and there were so many superlatives that we can all be proud of.  Thank you all for making it such an amazing year for SkillsUSA and the great students and teachers we serve.  Here is a short video clip showing a few special moments from 2013: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFfghXnDu7I&feature=youtu.be

Membership News
I’d also like to recognize the state associations who are growing participation and opportunity for students and teachers through outstanding membership recruitment efforts.  Our focus this year is centered around 2RE: Reach, Recruit and Engage. Most importantly, once we reach and recruit students with the positive message of SkillsUSA, we want them to become engaged in activities that will make a positive difference in their career pathways and their personal and professional development.  The new tools and resources that were introduced for 2013-14 are hopefully helping make this a little easier and more effective for state associations this year.

The following states are listed in order of their reaching membership above last year’s grand total:

  • California, Clay Mitchell, State Association Director
  • Rhode Island, Josh Klemp, State Association Director
  • Arizona, Carrie Wolf, State Association Director
  • Indiana, Kelley Baker, State Association Director
  • Connecticut, Heidi Balch, State Association Director
  • District of Columbia, Ed Roebuck, State Association Director
  • Mississippi, Andy Sims, State Association Director

As of today, we have just over 215,750 members on the books. We are trending well and are optimistic the push forward will continue through the new year.


That’s all for now. Happy New Year! Thanks for all you do for the great students and teachers we serve.