Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

In this season, when we traditionally take a moment to give thanks, I’m writing you to express my personal gratitude for the work you do. I want to thank you for the commitment you’ve made to our students, teachers, administrators, schools and communities. Your commitment to SkillsUSA underscores your belief in our mission and dedication to our vision for excellence in our educational system.

I know in the heat of your everyday duties (especially at conference time) and in the countless other tasks you perform, you don’t always take time to stop and think about the awesome impact you have on the lives of students and teachers. The work you are doing is critical to the students who will step forward to be our future workforce. With your support, our members will be the new generation to help keep our great nation strong.

Finally, thanks for all you are doing to promote the value of SkillsUSA membership. Through your efforts, we can offer students opportunities for personal growth, and the rewards can be measured in the number of lives being changed for the better.


Timothy W. Lawrence
Executive Director