Presentation on Capitol Hill

On July 23, I spoke at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill to representatives from approximately 25 congressional offices as a panelist during a round table hosted by the CTE Caucus. The topic was the role each of the panelists’ organizations play in student guidance. I was joined by a guidance counselor from Fairfax County, Virginia representing the American School Counselors Association and the director of government affairs of Opportunity Nation, a collaboration of more than 250 national community organizations. I covered many aspects of the SkillsUSA program and how we help engage students (and teachers), keep students in school and help them make connections to further education and to the workforce. I told the listeners that these are not necessarily examples of what school guidance counselors do, but they certainly give guidance counselors handles to grab onto. Reaction was positive. At the beginning of my remarks, I asked how many of those present knew about SkillsUSA. Nearly every hand went up. Nice. To listen to my remarks, please go to: