Middle School

Interest in SkillsUSA is growing rapidly in the middle-school community, and activities at the middle-school level have been proven to be very successful. A Guide to SkillsUSA in Middle Schools has been developed to assist middle-school teachers and students.

Exploring Possibilities, Building Success

Everything you need for your journey to starting a SkillsUSA middle-school chapter is here:

Steps to Establishing a Successful Middle-School Chapter

Step 1 – Secure support from your school administrator.

Step 2 – Connect to your state SkillsUSA director.

Step 3 – Incorporate SkillsUSA into your classroom.

Step 4 – Create excitement and awareness by showing students the SkillsUSA kickoff video.

Step 5 – Select your first meeting date and advertise the meeting.

Step 6 – Hold officer elections, select committee chairs, and dive into the program of work.

Step 7 – Introduce the Chapter Excellence Program

Step 8 – Show the SkillsUSA membership PowerPoint presentation during an open house, faculty meeting or parent orientation.

Step 9 – Include administration in your early chapter success.

Step 10 – Register yourself and your students as members of SkillsUSA!