“Start Something Today” Challenge: Final Reminder

WebProfessionals.org, the organization that heads up the national Web Design contest, would like to remind students and teachers that there is still time to participate in the “Start Something Today” challenge. This new competition, conducted completely over the Web, provides students with an award-winning start to launching a business idea, plan and pitch to business and industry professionals and win recognition and prizes.

Sponsored by WebProfessionals.org, the challenge is designed to inspire student entrepreneurs to actualize their business initiatives while sparking business creation and workforce development. The “Start Something Today” challenge is open to current student entrepreneurs, regardless of where they are in their education and career journeys.

For additional information and to participate, go to: www.schoolofweb.org/start-something-today/. The deadline for contest entries is December 1, 2013. For more information, contact Bill Cullifer at: bill@webprofessionals.org.